Health & Spa Green Tea Hand and Body Lotion


Pack Quantity: 50. Capacity: 30ml

Pack of 50 only

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Pack Quantity: 50. Capacity: 30ml

Start your guests¿ day off right with this 50 pack of Health & Spa body lotion bottles. Made with a perfect blend of vitamins A and E and green tea, the lotion leaves your customers’ skin energised, nourished and moisturised, giving your patrons a luxurious bathing experience to ensure they have an enjoyable and relaxing stay in your premises. A bulk pack of 50, this set also guarantees superb value for money and outstanding quality, making it a must-have for any hotel, guesthouse or B&B. Packaged in a stylish and elegant bottle, this lotion is designed to give your service a touch of excellence.

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Pack Quantity: 50. Capacity: 30ml