Health & Spa Green Tea Pleated Soap


Pack Quantity: 100. Weight: 25g

Pack of 100 only
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Pack Quantity: 100. Weight: 25g

Ensure your guests have a superb first impression of your business with these Health & Spa pleated soaps. These individually packaged 25g soaps are elegant, attractive and ideally suited for use on any bathroom presentation trays, perfectly welcoming your guests into your establishment and leaving a long-lasting positive impact on them. Enriched with green tea and vitamins A and E, these soaps moisturise, nourish and leave your customers’ smelling incredibly fragrant, making your clientele associate your business with excellence. Sold in a bulk pack of 100, this set not only offers outstanding quality, but also exceptional value for money, making it perfect for any hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses.

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Pack Quantity: 100. Weight: 25g