Athena Hotelware Saucers 145(Ø)mm


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Offering superb toughness, practicality and value for money, these Athena Hotelware saucers are perfectly suited for use in any busy hotel, B&B or pub. Boasting a super vitrified porcelain construction, the saucers are exceptionally robust and hardwearing, allowing them to endure knocks and drops without breaking. Made with innovative rolled edges, the saucers are also extremely chip-resistant, staying in superb condition for longer to save you money on replacement crockery. Featuring an unassuming yet incredibly attractive white finish, these saucers are able to blend in with any décor or setting, perfectly complementing your service. These saucers can be paired with the CC200 Athena Hotelware stackable cups.

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Material: Porcelain. 145(Ø)mm. Fits Cup CC200


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